Best ash hair dyes

Hair coloring helps to experiment with appearance, to see yourself in a different way. But not every girl knows how not to harm her hair and choose a quality product from a large number of offers on the market. The VyborEksperta team tried to understand this issue in detail, collecting the best ash hair dyes with an analysis of characteristics in the 2020 rating. These are offers for home and professional use from trusted brands, the selection of nominees for the top was drawn up taking into account the latest fashion trends. To get additional details, view here: Best Ash Blonde Hair Dye

Ash paint manufacturers

When buying hair dye, most girls look at the cost, not paying attention to the manufacturer. This is wrong, as products from reputable brands are a guarantee of safety and quality. For the analysis, we took offers from popular brands offering a pleasant price-quality ratio. The following firms were included in the survey:

Estel Professional is a popular Russian brand, founded in 2002. Produces the best long-lasting ash-blonde color with avocado, macadamia and panthenol oils. Provides excellent color, softness and incredible shine. Cosmetic products of this brand are used by masters in elite beauty salons, they are recommended for home use.

Matrix Color is a popular brand included in the line of professional products of L'Oreal JSC. Date of creation of the trade mark 1980, facilities are located in China. All products are made from quality components, using proven raw materials and modern technologies.

Wellaton is a popular German company that releases a large catalog of high-quality hair dyes of the entire palette on the beauty industry market. The manufacturer makes sure that every woman can purchase everything she needs for a home beauty salon in one package. The paint holds well for several months, does not fade.

C: Ehko is a German cosmetics company, founded in 1940. Develops the best scalp care products, professional hair dyes. This paint, which gives a bright and durable color for a long time, strengthens, does not dry out, retains its natural shine.

Loreal Paris Preference is a well-known French brand, founded in 1909. It publishes a large catalog of beauty products for creating beauty, for face, body and hair. A separate line of professional paints, in which large coloring molecules are used, perfectly stains and lasts several months. Does not change the structure of the hair, does not deplete or provoke breakage.

Schwarzkopf Professional is a popular brand of German cosmetics, founded in 1903. Produces high-quality hair cosmetics: shampoos, balms, conditioners and dyes. A special formula with vitamins and minerals protects curls from damage, prevents tarnishing, and preserves the result for a long time.

Kapous Professional is an Italian professional cosmetics brand that has been operating in the beauty industry since 2001. Produces hair care products for beauty salons and home use. The hyaluronic acid formula restores damaged structure, deeply moisturizes, and also provides further protection.

Ollin Professional is a Russian company, founded in 2010. The staff consists of qualified, certified stylists and technologists. Ollin launches an ash hair dye with the best protective formula against harmful sun rays. It creates a bright, unique shade without harmful effects on the hair structure.

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